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transcriptionist-services-sydney-brisbane-melbourne-perth Fast, Accurate Transcriptionist Services In Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, And Perth At NTS Transcriptionists

NTS Transcriptions provides quick and accurate transcriptionist services for Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane based medical professionals. The company, which is now over a decade old, provides transcriptionist services all over Australia with its customised systems which help medical practices save a great deal of time and money. All of the company’s typists are Australian based and they are able to offer clients reports and letters with 98.5 per cent accuracy and a 24-hour turnaround. With cutting edge technology, NTS Transcriptions can link with a practice’s current dictation system to increase turnaround times.

NTS Transcriptionist Services In Melbourne Are Easy To Use

Health care professionals find using the services of NTS Transcriptions to be very easy. With over a decade of experience in the industry, NTS understands what medical professionals need most – more time. Their entire system is set up to be simple to implement and save massive amounts of time.

Transcriptionist services in Perth practices, for example, start with using dictation devices. Dictators can use a digital voice recorder, iPhone, regular telephone, or a personal computer microphone to record all of their dictations. The recordings are then uploaded to the NTS automated system through a secure Internet connection. Clients can feel safe knowing that all information uploaded to the system is secure.

An NTS transcriptionist will derive reports and letters and do so with great accuracy and speed. The company’s transcriptionists have a 98.5 per cent accuracy rate and turnaround all documents within 24 hours. Files are delivered electronically and the medical practices can then access, view, edit, and print reports and letters to suit their needs. Using NTS allows a practice to get patient letters out to referrers quicker which helps in the continuity of patient care.

NTS Transcriptionists Can Make A Difference

NTS Transcriptionists employs only the most experienced medical typists. Clients can take comfort in knowing that they are in good hands in working with qualified professionals. As stated, the web-based system is easy to use and is fully secure. NTS is NPP (National Privacy Principles) compliant and uses the latest in software and technology. Clients always have 24-hour, seven-day-a-week web-based access and should there be any problems or questions, the company’s help desk offers quick response.

Clients can set up transcription services at NTS Transcriptions with no catch. There are no set up costs or contracts. There are no ongoing maintenance fees either. Clients will pay for what is typed. NTS has the ability to customise a program for each and every individual medical practice. Different practices will have different needs depending upon how much typing is needed is each week, the number of locations that use dictation, and the number of individual dictators. With its web-based system, NTS can help with transcriptionist services for Brisbane medical facilities just as easily as with a client in Sydney. The company also provides services in New Zealand.

With fast, accurate transcription services, NTS Transcriptions is the company to call to help medical professionals save both time and money. Clients will get the best system available for a fraction of the cost of those of the competition. Ultimately, clients will save money on their bottom line

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